Psychological Distress



Stress/anxiety can affect people of all ages, genders and circumstances and can lead to both physical and psychological distress. 



We hold our attachment figures close to our hearts and any kind of loss or separation can be a painful and emotional process.  



Understanding who you are and how similar or different that may be to others can be a complicated process but it brings a unique understanding of your true self and your True Colours.  

Panic Attacks


Panic attacks can be a scary experience which may be based in a fear of the future linked to something in the past. It hooks into our primitive brain and creates a fight or flight panic within.  

School Life


One size doesn't fit all and for some school life can be challenging. Some may  be seen to excel, which could bring external/internal pressure. Others may experience school as a place of extreme discomfort. School life can be hard and can bring about psychological distress. 

Home/Work Life


Who doesn't struggle with the work life balance at times? But sometimes it's more than that as our identity, relationships and attachment figures play a part in our every day life. Traumatic experiences can be difficult to process and may affect the work life balance.