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Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress and Anger


 Some stress, anxiety and anger isn't always a bad thing; its how we learn to protect ourselves and stems from our primitive flight or fight instincts. However at times it can be  overwhelming, out of control and more destructive than protective. Panic attacks can feel scary and can have a huge physical/emotional affect on our way of being. 


Counselling may help to regulate this state of hyperarousal through self-awareness, ways of coping and self-management.  

Please feel free to message/call if you have any questions

07377 393674

Loss, Separation, Trauma and PTSD


Trauma and PTSD can affect our capacity to process. Coping with loss, separation or isolation can be a very lonely place to be and can have a negative affect on our mental health. It can  take on many forms from:  conflict, bereavement, pet loss, divorce, financial, separation, changing environments, employment  friendships....


Counselling may help to process your experiences, become more self-aware and feel less overwhelmed by finding ways to cope and move forward.  

Please feel free to message/call if you have any questions 

07377 393674

Children, Young People, Gender Identity and School Life


Being a child or young person isn't easy especially when they are trying to 'find there identity and social standing' and parents and carers are often at a loss at what they can do to help. 

Having worked in a secondary school for over 11 years and having a specialist qualification in Children and Young People I understand how challenging life can be for children, young people and parenting.

Counselling may help with: anxiety, stress, self harm, gender identity, loss, trauma, social isolation, peer pressure, parental seperation, low self-esteem...

 Please feel free to message/call if you have any questions.  

07377 393674

Your first step forward to helping yourself or your child is to book an Initial Assessment 07377 393674 or

  • Daytime, evening and weekend 50 minute confidential appointments available, often a short notice.

  • Fully qualified person-centred counsellor with additional qualifications in children and young people. 11 years experience working in Secondary Schools.

  • All sessions are confidential and work within the ethical framework of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).   Registration no:339116. More information can be found on the ethical guidelines on

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