Counselling may help your Child or Young Person

Being a parent or carer can be challenging, and at times we are a loss as what we can do to help.  We try and show we understand and offer support, however this can be met with shrugs, slamming or doors or my favourite as a kid 'I hate this house'. Perhaps leading to isolation, destructive behaviour or self-harm. 

Children and Young People are learning about themselves in a world that is very different to their parents/carers. They can find this overwhelming, confusing and sometimes painful and often don't talk for fear of really upsetting or burdening the ones they care for the most. It can be heartbreaking to watch and sometimes the more we try and help, the more our kids withdraw.  

Often our children find it difficult to find the words to express how they may be feeling, or the words just don't come out as they feel so muddled and confused.  Leaving mixed thoughts and feelings whizzing around their heads and as such contributing to psychological distress. 

Talking or play therapy can really help.  It offers Children and Young People the unconditional space to process what may be going on for them, understand who they see themselves to be and learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in a more positive way.  The therapy session becomes their space to say/feel what they want, without fear of judgement or consequence because the session is confidential within the limits of *safeguarding and risk.  

An important part of the therapeutic process is that they feel comfortable with their counsellor and the environment.  So the first step is to book an initial assessment.  This is an information gathering process but also serves as an opportunity for them to see how it 'feels' and then make their own decision if they want to move themselves forward with more sessions.  

However, not all will be ready to come along so below I have put some app/websites that parents or children may find helpful.

* All sessions are confidential, however if it is deemed that the child, young person or someone they know are in the way of significant harm or risk then confidentiality may be broken.