Online Counselling for Adults, Young People and Couples.


Due to Covid-19 face to face sessions are not currently available.  However, online initial assessments and counselling sessions are currently available via Zoom.  Working online is different but can be very beneficial.  

Talking may help.......

Counsellor working with couples in relationship counselling.

Annette Dean MBACP

Angie Boden MBACP (Accred)

Angie Boden MBACP (Accred)

Working with Couples experiencing Relationship Difficulties.  

Working alongside The Tavistock with a specialist qualification in working with couples.

For many people, the most important thing in life is to have healthy relationships, to live in a happy, harmonious environment. However despite our best attempts, many relationships don't work out that way.  What can be done about this? Most importantly you need time and clarity to think about how you would ideally like your relationship to be. If you are struggling and you're not sure what to do to improve your home life why not allow yourself to come to counselling and explore your thoughts.

Couple counselling is not the easy option, in fact it is a hard, emotional and often draining experience. However, the process can bring understanding, acceptance and love back in your relationship as you express, listen and move forward. Sometimes moving forward apart…sometimes moving forward together. 


Angie Boden MBACP (Accred)

Angie Boden MBACP (Accred)

Angie Boden MBACP (Accred)

Working with Children and Young Peoples Mental Health and Well-being.

Having worked in secondary schools along side a specialist qualification in children and young people, I have a good understanding of how challenging school/home life can be.   

Being a child or young person isn't easy especially when they are trying to 'find there identity and social standing'.  Parents and carers are often at a loss at what they can do to help. 

Counselling may help with: anxiety, stress, self harm, gender identity, loss, trauma, social isolation, suicidal ideation, peer pressure, parental separation, low self-esteem...

All sessions are confidential on a one to one basis. Offering your child the non-judgmental space without expectations, to explore their thoughts and feelings to acknowledge how that may impact their actions and behaviours and explore what they could do differently to help themselves.  


Counsellor working with health anxiety in adults.

Anjali Leverton MBACP

Angie Boden MBACP (Accred)

Anjali Leverton MBACP

Working with Adult Mental Health and Well-being.

Working in an NHS setting with health related anxiety.

Currently, there are many of us experiencing health anxiety in the face of Covid -19, because this virus is unknown to us and as yet, we do not know how to control it. But we might have a similar reaction to other health scares where what is happening to our body feels out of our control e.g. finding a breast lump or having an operation.The reason for this is that our body sees the health scare as a threat to well-being, and in doing so, an anxiety response is triggered. 

Counselling may help with:  understanding why your anxiety is triggered in certain circumstances. Giving you time and space to look at your own anxiety responses. Providing techniques or strategies that might help you manage the anxious feelings.  Allowing you the opportunity to look at the negative thought patterns that often accompany anxiety and can “inflame” anxiety  such as “but what if”. 

The first step is to come along for an initial assessment. This is like an information gathering process for both of us and lasts for up to an hour and a half.  Its an important part of the process that you feel comfortable with the environment and the counsellor, so after this you can decide if you want to move forward with more sessions.  

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